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Meet David Rogow

CD9I took my first “job” in elementary school when I was just 10 years old. Assigned to monitor my classmates upon completion of their lunches and to ensure their lunch trays were scraped clean, I was, the “School Scraper”. From day one, I noticed that some lunch trays were coming back virtually untouched, and it just didn’t seem right to throw away perfectly good food. So in a selfless act to avoid unnecessary waste, I proceeded to single handedly consume as much of the leftover food as possible. It was not always easy though. Some days, I’d have to endure as many as 15 pieces of garlic bread, and on other days as many as 12 Peanut Butter Chews. And on meatloaf and mashed potato day’s words can’t describe the dedication I showed.

My first of many jobs in the Restaurant and Hotel Industry came at the age of 20 as a banquet server. Responsible for clearing the plates from the table once people were finished eating. And again, I immediately noticed many plates coming back virtually untouched. So, with the same determination and selflessness I displayed in elementary school, I knew what had to be done. And, three or four Chicken Cordon Bleu and a bunch of Chocolate Mousse Pies later, I was sure I’d found my dream job.

Since launching Dinners by David Catering in 2005, we have catered epicurean events throughout San Diego County for as little as two people and for as many as groups of 1,000. Our clientele includes high-profile customers as well as everyday folk planning backyard barbecues and intimate in-home dinners.

Serving great tasting food, and plenty of it, paired with friendly service at a fair price, has proven to be a successful combination. Mix in a lot of hard work, great clientele and a bit of luck, Dinners by David Catering continues to grow bigger and better each year!

As we continue to grow, so does the need for positive reinforcement and additional manpower, or in this case, Lady Power. Our newest team member, Executive Chef Cristy Bell, is a graduate of the Scottsdale Culinary Institute “Le Cordon Bleu” in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since joining Dinners by David in September of 2009, Cristy brings with her the same commitment to delicious foods, paired with impeccable and friendly service. She also brings a unique and truly remarkable talent for creating gourmet delicacies, beautifully presented that really are quite simply “Delicious” For more on Chef Cristy, check out her Bio page!

Combining our forces allows us to grow stronger and more successful with each passing year. However, one thing that will NEVER change is our commitment to friendly, personalized service, and the quality of the foods we serve.

“For Life’s Special Occasions” think Dinners by David (and Cristy too!)

Look forward to seeing you soon at your next Special Event Celebration!